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Co-working, meeting and training space in Denby Dale, Huddersfield.


We are all so over working from home aren't we? With what has been going on recently there are more and more of us doing it and we don't all like it! When the world is a normal place (will it ever be again) it can be really lonely, it's hard to have any type of work life balance when your work is in your home. There's also the constant interruptions, issues with wifi when you have a house full and kids and pets pestering to be fed all day everyday.

The Flex Collective aims to combat these issues and offer people the opportunity for company, collaboration and connection with like minded individuals by providing a flexible co-working space in a beautiful and purpose fit office in the heart of rural Huddersfield (HD8 area).
The office is fully kitted out with everything you would expect from an office environment, but nicer. So yes there is a photocopier, colour printer, laminator, binding facilities, stationery etc. etc. but above all else there is a cool and comfy space for you to park your backside and your laptop for as many days a month as you would like to do so and of course, there are free brews for you too, sometimes made by someone else, and a fridge to store your butties or other culinary delights if you don’t fancy nipping out to one of the many local establishments!

And the best of all, you get colleagues (of a sort), who you can have a natter with about last nights soaps or the sports results, bounce ideas off, learn from and collaborate with to grow yours and their businesses and still keep the flexibility you crave, the closeness to home you’ve become accustomed to without the down sides of lone or home working.

Meeting Space

Ever struggled to find somewhere locally to hold a team meeting, a networking event or just to catch up for a quick cuppa with a colleague? I mean there are soulless hotel meeting rooms with mediocre cuppas, there are coffee shops or garden centres with better cuppas but a load of hustle and bustle that makes it difficult to concentrate and be professional, and there is not a lot in between is there?

Having experienced that feeling of dread at spending a day in a hotel meeting room supposedly being creative but not being inspired and also on the flip side having experienced the interruptions from well meaning acquaintances whilst mid convo, we decided there must be another way and as nobody else is delivering it in rural Huddersfield so we now are.

So as part of the Flex Collective hub we are bringing you a flexible and professional meeting space with a good cuppa to boot – ok you can’t have a choca mocha latte (yet) but there are other ways to get a decent brew. Designed with flexibility in mind the space works for a small meeting of just 2 people to a board room for 20 and anything else in between.

We will work around your requirements to deliver you a professional and enjoyable space for you to hold any type of meeting in whatever style you want. And if we don’t have enough chairs for what you do want, then we will figure it out together – we are all about collaboration.

Pay as you go - book an ad hoc day with us whenever you want, no contracts, no tie ins just flexible coworking that fits around you

Drop in - if you're totally unorganised or something comes up last minute then we are happy for you to just drop in and work here for the day, if there is space of course

Our membership packages are designed to save you money, sign up to 5 days, 10 days or 15 days per month dependent on what you need from us. The more you commit to the more money you save (and of course the more opportunities you have to collaborate with other members). You can have a recurring membership or just go month by month, whatever suits you and you just book the days you need when you need them, no need to have a set day or days a week, unless you want that of course, then thats fine by us.


We will also be holding events and workshops which will benefit the local business community so make sure you check out our events section. And if you would like to hold your own networking or training then get in touch, we would love to have you.

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5 day pass
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10 day pass
£ 144 Per Month
15 day pass
£ 180 Per Month

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