You have started a business, got off the initial starting blocks or you are ready to scale. 

What is the first thing you do to make your business  ‘official’ or the place you go to promote something that is happening in your world? Social Media of course! If you don’t have some kind of presence on one of the platforms and you are running a successful business, I would love to know how! 

The thing with Social Media is it’s the most powerful tool for us as individuals and businesses to communicate, to share, to have fun, to buy, to make money and support pretty much every aspect of our lives. How do we take the good stuff and make it work for us? Strategy, that’s how. 

Social Media isn’t just about posting an image and writing a caption anymore and expecting people to see it. It’s so rich with lots of features and the algorithms work to show people meaningful content and will prioritise in the feeds what people engage with and have conversations about. 

Did you know the average Facebook organic reach is only 5% of your followers – you could look at that as a depressing fact and think what’s the point, but to stand out you need to work past that statistic and give your audience engaging content that adds value to their lives and solves problems, therefore interacting with your brand and hopefully buying from you! You might even have to run paid ads, but again it’s not anything to fear – you don’t have to waste money and you can track your return with a little knowledge.

Often in business, things just happen and you don’t stick to that 5 year plan and now we have to adapt more than ever to what’s happening in the world. But having a strategy helps you clear through the noise, prioritise and reflect on what’s working and what’s not.

For me, a Social Media Strategy includes the following areas:

  • Audience – who are your current, potential and dream customers 
  • Brand – the way you look, talk and are perceived
  • Content – What you post, where, when and consistently
  • Data – Keeping an eye on what works (and what doesn’t)

With my clients I think about these areas generally before I get into which platforms we should be on, what features should be used and if you need to have a budget for advertising. 

The audience is at the core of anything you do. It’s all about them, and a little bit of you. Always think – will they actually give a shit about what I am posting and is it working towards my goals (and helping me increase the lifetime value of my customers)

Are you on Instagram and you are using hashtags to reach new people? What are your audience following and searching for? 

LinkedIn – Writing an article? What problem can you solve for your potential customers?

Facebook – Do people use groups to source their information and help them develop their personal skills with other like minded people? 

Do they watch videos? I’m not just talking about group tik tok dance videos (no you don’t have to do that!) but would their attention be captured with someone talking or showing rather than the standard image and written caption? 

Do you need to show your face to build trust with your audience? If yes, then you need to be investing some time into stories, lives and possibly long form video to build that trust with your online audience. You might also need to build up your confidence and collaborate with others that are doing the same.

All of this could be quite overwhelming when you sit down and start planning your social media posts. What if your audience prefers an Instagram story to an Instagram grid post and you don’t know what to show in those little snippets consistently or you just simply do not have time to prioritise social media to its full potential because you have everything else to do. 

A strategy definitely does not have to be a long winded word document or a complicated timeline of events. It’s setting out what you want to achieve, how to do it and how to reflect and change. There are practical (and free!) tools and apps  to take away the admin and unknowns of social media marketing. 

Our Social Media Strategy workshop at The Flex Collective in Denby Dale will guide you through each step in a workbook so you can create your own personal plan. We talk about the algorithms, what they love and how to get your content reaching more people. You will go away with bags of ideas, practical advice and tools to help you structure your social media efforts on the right platforms. 

Next Workshop

Monday 14th September 

10:00 – 13:00

At The Flex Collective with Lucy Hayre @RubyTuesdaySocial 

£120 pp (inc VAT)

Bring yourselves and a pen to scribble down loads of ideas and come with all your questions. 

You will take away a strategy workbook to help you plan when you get into your own strategy mode and you will be able to join the Flex Collective Facebook Group to collaborate with other local businesses. 

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