It can be tough working on your own. That’s why the Flex Collective is so great – sometimes you need to connect, chat and be inspired by working alongside other people like you.

It’s also why we formed Wow Wednesday.  If you’ve ever felt stuck, if you procrastinate, if you need someone to talk things over with who really understands what it’s like to work on your own, then Wow is for you.

What is WOW Wednesday?

Wow Wednesday is an accountability group and we meet every fortnight at the Flex Collective – on a Wednesday (did you guess that part?).  It’s for people who:

  • Work on their own
  • Have their own business or are dreaming of one
  • Have a creative side-business
  • Are training or studying
  • Or for people who simply have some important goals they want to achieve.

Wow Wednesday is not your usual networking group, so if networking makes you want to hide under the duvet, you are in the right place. However, through the connections we’ve made, many of us have found new work or new clients through the group.

How it works

At each meeting we ask you to bring 3 goals you want to achieve in your work, and one life goal, to work on over the next two weeks.

Then we see how we did, we celebrate the wins, talk about what got in the way, and cheer each other on. We talk about things like imposter syndrome, procrastination, and comparison – and more importantly, how we can beat them! We learn from each other and share the strategies that work.

Why it works

We’ve seen some big achievements from our WOW members. Between us we have launched businesses, started planning better, found new outlets for our work and started making money. Plus we’ve grown in confidence and made some great new friends and connections. By being accountable to each other we stay more motivated, and more productive, plus there’s someone to offer support and encouragement on those days when we’re just not feeling it.

Who we are

We are Clair and Juliet, aka @asocialnature and @thecuriouscreativeclub, and the founders of WOW Wednesday. We met a couple of years ago and as we were both developing our own businesses and creative projects, we became accountability buddies. When we realised how much it helped us, we wanted to get more people involved.  So WOW Wednesday was born.

Not just meetings

WOW Wednesday is not just for Wednesdays. It includes:

  • Fortnightly physical meetings at the Flex Collective
  • Weekly Zoom meetings
  • Extra Zoom training sessions delivered by us or other WOW members, 1-2 times per month
  • A private Facebook Group so we can support each other and share ideas anytime
  • When COVID allows we are planning physical events such as Craft Market Days

Please note: Physical meetings are via a booking, on a first come first served basis whilst social distancing applies.

Joining WOW Wednesday

If all this sounds like just what you need, we would love to welcome you!

Our Founding Membership, available until December 31st  2020, is just £20 per month.

If you would like to join, please get in touch!

Or send us a DM through our social media

Clair is @asocialnature on Instagram and Facebook

Juliet is @thecuriouscreativeclub on Instagram and Facebook

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